Timezone Athens (GMT+3)

25th of July – final version – Pdf format download here

Day 125.07.2023

10 am -14 pmRegistration and Online connctivity trials
14 pm -15.30pmOpenning Cermony Amfiteater Kamari
 (Chairs M Suchea, E Koudoumas)
14:00-14:15Welcome at HMU by The HMU Research Rector
Organizers Presentations:
14:20-14:30IMT General Director Adrian Miron Dinescu
TUD Prof. Declan Mc Cormack
AUO Prof Surresh Pillai
Petru Poni Institute Dr Anton Airinei
UPB Prof. Dr. Anton Ficai
NRC Prof Hossam El Nazer
15:20-15:30Northeastern University Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan
15:30Session 1 Chair Suresh Pillai,
15:30-16:00Prof. Dr. Declan McCormack, Crystallization Mechanisms in Closed Systems – A Zinc Oxide Study
16:00-16:30Dr. Christos Sargentis, Analytical instruments portfolio of Helix Squared company
16:00-16:30Cofee break
16:30Session 2 Chair M Suchea
16:30-17:00Dr. Petronela Pascariu, Rare earth doped metal oxide nanostructures as photocatalysts for pollutants degradation
17:00-17:30Dr. Eva Vasilaki, Composite coatings based on rGO modified TiO2 nanoparticles and a natural polymer, with a strong antimicrobial activity under visible-light irradiation and stimuli-renewable properties
17:30-17:50Prof. Emmanouel Koudoumas, Development of novel nanocomposite materials with tunable conductivity
17:50-18:10Dr. Diana Gilea, Plasmonic gold supported on ZnO/CuO/ZnAl2O4 and ZnO/ZnAl2O4 mixed oxides for solar-driven catalysis of organic pollutants from water
18:10-18:30Dr. Abdul Wafi, Preparation and photocatalytic activity of nano-spherical N-TiO2 toward the degradation of salicylic acid, methyl blue, and rhodamine B
18:30-18:50Dr. André Torres-Pinto, The impact of precursor on the preparation of carbon nitride catalysts for phenol degradation
18:50-19:10Dr. Keerthi M. Nair, MIL-101(Fe) template-directed growth of NiFe LDH as an efficient catalyst for heterogeneous photo-Fenton process
19:10-19:30Dr. Gabriela Toader, Photo-crosslinkable hydrogel films containing phthalocyanine for immediate decontamination of sensitive surfaces
20:00Welcome cocktail and Poster Session 1 Chairs C. Pachiu and Yasser Mahmoud
20:00-22:008 Posters +streaming
Drd. Valentin Tudose,
Materials for fishnets: fabrication and their antifouling properties Dr. Ahmed A. Elnazer, Synthesis of Graphene from Graphite and its Environmental Applications
Dr. Cristina Pachiu, Raman study of novel PVDF/TiO2/graphene composite fibers for photocatalytic applications
Drd. Cristina Postolachi,
High pulsed laser energy to produce structural morphology of thin layers for green chemical processes
Dr. Pascariu Petronela, Modified nanosized spinel ferrite based materials with highly proficient catalytic activity
Drd. Andrianna Mpouranda,  Materials with ZnO for food packaging
Dr. Kyriakos Mouratis, V2O5 materials fabrication and properties for potential photocatalysis
Dr. Oana Nedelcu, Material modelling for liquid polymer nanocomposites with potential applications in photocatalytic processes

Day 226.07.2023

Optional excursion Agios Giorgos Selinari Monastry, Spinalonga Island, BBQ on the beach
19:30-20:30Project G5868: New germicide nanocomposites for biological protection and decontamination July 28th 2022 – July 28th 2025 Meeting

Day 327.07.2023

9:00Session 3 Chairs D. McCormack and Y. Mahmoud
9:00-9:30Prof. Suresh Pillai, New Insights into Nanomaterials for Photocatalytic Applications
9:30-10:00Dr. Maria Leonor Matias, Photocatalytic behavior of visible-light activated g-C3N4/TiO2 heterojunctions
10:00:10:20Dr. Morjène Latifa, TiO2 Supported on Posidonia Oceanica fiber as low cost photocatalyst for phenol photodegradation
10:20-10:40Dr. Niloofar Haghshenas, Tuning the visible-light-driven photocatalytic properties of multi-decorated TiO2 by noble metals towards both propionic acid and NOx
10:40-11:00Dr. Metwally Madkour, Novel multinary chalcogenide based nanoheterostructures: Solar active and eco-friendly nanocatalysts for photodegradation of pharmaceutical wastewater pollutants
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Session 4 Chairs P. Pascariu and M L Matias
11:30-12:00Prof Dr. Sami Rtmi, Concomitant photocatalytic bacterial inactivation and pollutants removal on nanostructured sputtered surfaces
12:00-12:30Prof. Dr. Anton Ficai, Chemical Approaches based on a Complex Surface Modification leading to antimicrobial/antibiofilm as well as degradative capabilities
12:30-12:50Dr. Kourosh Nasr Esfahani, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of Ozonation of Wastewater Containing Organic Matter
12:50-13:10Dr. Kris O’Dowd, The Development of Polypropylene Transparent Jerry Cans as affordable photoinactivation reactors
13:10-13:30Dr. Maali-Amel Mersel, The effect of the preparation conditions on the photocatalytic H2 production of noble-metal-free ZnS-CdS semiconductors
13:30-15:00Light lunch
Session 5 Chairs A. Ficai and M. Suchea
15:00-15-30Dr. Muhammad Tayyab, A binary dumbbell visible light driven photocatalyst for simultaneous hydrogen production with the selective oxidation of bezyl alcohol to benzaldehyde
15:30-16:00Prof. Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan, Self-Cleaning and Regenerative Cathode Materials for Cost-Effective and Sustainable Water Treatment
16:00-16:20Dr. Cosmin Romanitan, Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction patterns in photocatalytic metal oxides
16:20-16:40Dr. Manuela Manrique-Holguín, Modification of TiO2 with nitrogen via sol-gel method and the role of ammonia. Not all that generating visible light absorption in TiO2 is doping
16:40-17:00Dr. Marcela Frías Ordóñez, Ag-modified SrTiO3 one-pot synthesis: combined effect of Ag-decoration and Ag-doping
17:00-17:20Dr. Melissa Galloni, Photo- and piezo-catalysis as the winning pair for the fast and efficient mineralization of ibuprofen by bismuth oxybromide under solar light irradiation
17:20Coffee break
18:00-19:00Poster Session 2 Chairs C. Romanitan and K. Mouratis
6 Posters
Dr. Lynda Golea, Synthesis and Characterization of Schiff base derivatives for efficient photodegradation of Methylene Blue
Dr. Alexandru Cocean, Detection of IR vibration bands in environmental analysis using GAUSSIAN 6 software
Drd. Georgiana Cocean, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy technique used to identify photo-chemical processes during laser ablation of hemp stalk
Dr. Titus Sandu, Extracting physical parameters from dielectric spectra of doped ZnO/graphene nanocomposites
Dr. Andreea Loredana Gavrila, Activating multiple vacancies defects by the structural memory of Zn-rich layered double hydroxides toward tailoring the photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from water
Dr. Denis Cutcovschi Synergetic adsorption-photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants on ZnAl and Ag_ZnAl layered double hydroxides and the derived mixed oxides
20:00Festive Dinner Archanes Village

Day 428.07.2023

28 07.2023
9:00Session 6 Chairs A. Mocanu and E. Koudoumas
9:00-9:30Prof. Dr. Hossam El Nazer, Greenhouse gases mitigation by photocatalysis
9:30-10:00Prof. Dr. Gabriela Carja, Engineering heterostructures of Zn-rich layered double hydroxides and gold nanoparticles for plasmon-enhanced catalysis
10:00:10:20Prof. Dr. Yasser Mahmoud A. Mohamed, Implementation of Photocatalysts in Organic transformation and Environmental Applications
10:20-10:40Dr. Nishanth Thomas, Effect of synthesis protocols in the photo-fenton activity of zinc ferrites for the degradation of acetaminophen pollutant
10:40-11:00Dr. Shankramma Kalikeri, Nanotechnology in Wastewater Management: A New Paradigm for Wastewater Treatment
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Session 7 Chairs A. Elnazer and H. El Nazer
11:30-12:00Dr. Mocanu Alexandra, ZnO-polymer-based membranes for wastewater treatment and environment protection
12:00-12:20Dr. Stephanie Sarrouf, Degradation of Ibuprofen in a flow-through system by the Electro-Fenton Process activated by two iron-sources
12:20-12:40Dr. Mirela Suchea, New germicide nanocomposites for biological protection and decontamination
12:40-13:00Dr. Martina Lenzuni, From trash to treasure: cotton waste transformed into photocatalytic carbon dots with antibacterial properties under Vis-NIR light
13:00-14:00Poster Session 3 Chairs M Suchea and R. Marinescu
7 Posters
Dr. Laura Clarizia A sustainable approach for green synthesis from biorefinery products: photooxidation of ethyl alcohol by employing cupric ion as oxidizing agent
Dr. Mohamed El-Qelish,
Preparation and characterization of novel composites for application in photocatalytic industrial wastewater treatment
Dr. Mekdes Gerawork, Remediation of Textile Industry Organic Dye Waste by Photocatalysis Using Eggshell Impregnated ZnO/CuO Nanocomposite
Dr. Heba K. El- El-Khollya, Surface Decoration of Zirconium Oxide with Bismuth sulfide Catalysts for Photocatalytic Degradation of Red dye 195
Fatiha Siahmed, Synthesis And Characterization Of Starch-Based Nanocomposites Reinforced With Fesib Powder
Dr. Elzahraa A. Elgohary, Insights into photocatalytic water disinfection using semiconductors – A review
Aida María Díez Sarabia Radiation coupling as an alternative for the enhancement of Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes
14:00-15:00Light lunch over closing remarks