Program – Timezone Athens (GMT+3) (v 23rd of July – subject of potential changes)

Day 1 25th of July 2023

10 am -14 pmRegistration and Online connectivity trials
14 pm -15.30pmOpening Ceremony Amphitheater “Kamari”
 (Chairs M Suchea, E Koudoumas(
14:00-14:15Welcome at HMU by The HMU Research Rector
Organizers Presentations:
14:20-14:30IMT General Director Adrian Miron Dinescu
TUD Prof. Declan Mc Cormack
AUO Prof Surresh Pillai
Petru Poni Institute Dr Anton Airinei
UPB Prof. Dr. Anton Ficai
NRC Prof Hossam El Nazer
15:20-15:30Northeastern University Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan
15:30Session 1 (Chair Suresh Pillai)
15:30-16:00Prof Declan McCormack -Invited
16:00-16:30Dr. Christos Sargentis-Invited
16:00-16:30Coffee break
16:30Session 2 (Chair Declan McCormack)
16:30-17:00Dr. Petronela Pascariu -Invited
17:00-17:30Dr. Eva Vasilaki-Invited
17:30-17:50Prof. Emmanouel Koudoumas-Invited
17:50-18:10Diana Gilea
18:10-18:30Abdul Wafi
18:30-18:50André Torres-Pinto
18:50-19:10Keerthi M. Nair
19:10-19:30Gabriela Toader
20:00Welcome cocktail and Poster Session 1
20:00-22:009 Posters +streaming
Valentin Tudose; Ahmed A. Elnazer; Cristina Pachiu;
Cristina Postolachi; Pascariu Petronela; Andrianna Mpouranda; Kyriakos Mouratis; Nikolaos Vrithias
. Laura Clarizia

Day 2 26th of July 2023

Optional excursion Agios Giorgos Selinari Monastry, Spinalonga Island, BBQ on the beach
A beautiful trip in the East part of island, in the Lasithi region. Departure will be at 8 A.M. First stop will be at the ‘Selinari gorge’, where we will visit the ‘Monastery of Agios Georgios, located in the gorge. It was built during the second Byzantine period. After that we will go at Elounda, (here, are the most expensive resorts in Greece where VIPs are enjoying Cretan sunny holidays). From there we will board a boat to ‘Spinalonga island’. After 25 minutes at the sea, we will arrive on the island, where we will see ‘the ancient fortress (city), ‘the Venetian fortress’, ‘the Ottoman village’ and ‘the former leper colony of the island. The next stop will be in the ‘Kolokitha Golf’, where will will go swimming in the sea while our barbecues will be cooking on the beach for our lunch in a boat.
Afternoon we will return in Elounda with the boat, where we will have free time for relaxation. The last visit will be in the harbor town of Agios Nikolaos. Here, we will have time for shopping and walking around the beautiful salty lake and on the shore of Mirabello Bay.
The return in Heraklion at HMU will be in the evening at about 7:00 pm.
Price of the trip for one person is 70 euro. To be able to make the trip the minimum number of participants must be 15.
The trip includes: bus transport, official guide in Romanian and English translation, boat ticket, the BBQ on the beach and entrance fee at tourist attractions.
19:30-20:30 Meeting of NATO “Science for Peace” Project G5868: New germicide nanocomposites for biological protection and decontamination
July 28th 2022July 28th 2025

Day 3 27th of July 2023

27 07
9:00Session 3
9:00-9:30Prof. Suresh Pillai -Keynote
9:30-10:00Dr. Maria Leonor Matias-Invited
10:00:10:20Morjène Latifa
10:20-10:40Niloofar Haghshenas
10:40-11:00Metwally Madkour
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Session 4
11:30-12:00Prof Dr. Sami Rtmi-Invited
12:00-12:30Prof. Dr. Anton Ficai-Invited
12:30-12:50Kourosh Nasr Esfahani
12:50-13:10Kris O’Dowd
13:10-13:30Maali-Amel Mersel
13:30-15:00Light lunch
Session 5
15:00-15-30Dr. Muhammad Tayyab-Invited
15:30-16:00Prof. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan-Invited
16:00-16:20Cosmin Romanitan
16:20-16:40Manuela Manrique-Holguín
16:40-17:00Marcela Frías Ordóñez
17:00-17:20Melissa Galloni
17:20Coffee break
18:00-19:00Poster session 2
6  Posters
Lynda Golea; Alexandru Cocean; Georgiana Cocean; Titus Sandu; Andreea Loredana Gavrila; Denis Cutcovschi
20:00Festive Dinner in Archanes Village

Day 4 28th of July 2023

28 07
9:00Session 6
9:00-9:30Prof. Hossam El Nazer-Invited
9:30-10:00Prof. Gabriela Carja-Invited
10:00:10:20Yasser Mahmoud A. Mohamed
10:20-10:40Nishanth Thomas
10:40-11:00Shankramma Kalikeri
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Session 7
11:30-12:00Mocanu Alexandra-Invited
12:00-12:20Stephanie Sarrouf
12:20-12:40Mirela Suchea
12:40-13:00Martina Lenzuni
13:00-14:00Poster Session 3
5 Posters
Mohamed El-Qelish; Mekdes Gerawork; Heba K. El- El-Khollya; Fatiha SIAHMED; Elzahraa A. Elgohary
14:00-15:00Light lunch over closing remarks

The time allocated for each kind of presentation is as follows:

Invited/Keynote Speakers: 20’ presentation+10’ discussions

Oral Presentations: 15’ presentation+5’ discussions

Poster Presentations: 7’ presentation+3’ discussions – ONLINE max 7 slides including title slide and Acknowledgements. In person Exhibited Posters would be also presented for the online audience!

The ONLINE attendants are kindly requested to send recorded presentations by WeTransfer or similar services by email at until 24th of July hour 22:00