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Day 1PresenterTitleDay 2PresenterTitle
28/06/2021  29/06/2021  
9.00-9.25Prof. Dr. Cláudia Gomes Silva“Photocatalytic organic synthesis: from nanomaterials to process intensification”9.00-10.00Poster session 10 posterssection B
9.25-9.50Dr. Petronela Pascariu “PVDF fibers embedding lanthanide doped ZnO membranes for adsorption and photocatalytic degradation of dye organic pollutants”   
9.50-10.15Dr. Sivasankar Koppala“Metal oxide based photocatalysts for environmental applications”10-00-10.15 Organizers presentation IMT CEMATEP PP Dt. Adrian Dinescu IMT Prof. Emmanouel Koudoumas CEMATEP and Dr. Anton Airinei “Petru Poni” Institute 
10.15-11.00 3 orals 10.15-11.003 orals 
 K.I. MalatjieIron-doped cerium oxide/graphene oxide nanocomposites for the degradation of organic pollutants from wastewater Ioannis VamvasakisVisible-Light Photocatalytic H2 Production Activity of β-Ni(OH)2-Modified CdS Mesoporous Nanoheterojunction Networks
 Evangelia VasilakiPhotocatalytic treatment of liquid digestate produced from the anaerobic digestion of agro-industrial waste Faisal Suleiman MustafaPhotocatalytic degradation of toxic phenolic compound and bacterial inactivation by novel Li doped Zn0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4 
 Laura ClariziaH2 evolution over Cu-impregnated P25-TiO2 via alcohol photoreforming: an insight on Cu active species Mirela Suchea New La doped TiO2 nanofibers for photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants: Effect of thermal treatment and La-doping amount
11.00-11.15 coffeee break 11.00-11.15 coffeee break 
11.15-11.40Prof. Dr. Suresh C. Pillai“Photocatalysis for anti-bacterial applications”11.15-11.40 Dr. Claudia Bizzarri “Homogeneous photocatalytic reduction of CO2“ 
11.40-12.05Ing. Dr. Gian Luca Guerrini “Photocatalysis and virus”11.40-12.05 Dr. Mirabbos Hojamberdiev

Transition metal sulfides-based photocatalytic materials derived from mining and metallurgical wastes
12.05-12.30Dr. Sami Rtimi“Bacterial inactivation at the interface of sputtered photocatalytic surfaces without ions release: photo-generated intermediates and possible mechanisms” 12.05-12.30 Dr. Kishore Sridharan “2D/2D Heterojunction Photocatalysts for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Applications”
12.30-13.00 Lunch break  12.30-13.00 Lunch break  
13.00-13.25 Dr. Evie L. Papadopoulou “Antibacterial Textiles Using Visible Light Using Manganese Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles”13.00-13.25Dr. Luigi RIZZO“Water and wastewater treatment by heterogeneous photocatalysis: results, process limitations and prospects”,” 
13.25-13.50Dr. Muhammad Fahad Ehsan “Tuning Surface Chemistry of Black Anatase TiO2 Nanofibers for Photocatalytic Applications”13.25-13.50 Assoc. Prof. PhD Habil. Silviu-Octavian Gurlui“Trace elements Photo-Analysis for environmental applications: a case study”
13.50-14.15Prof. Dr. Ewa Kowalska “Plasmonic photocatalysts for environmental applications”13.50-14.15 Dr. Alexandra Mocanu “Synthesis of ZnO with enhanced photocatalytic activity using a sacrificial biomass support and Li2O as doping agent“
14.15-15.45  6 orals 14.15-15.456 orals 
 Vidya Shetty KBio-chemo sequential synthesis of silver oxide nanoparticles embedded in TiO2 shell (BioAg2O@TiO2): A visible light active photocatalyst  Zhishun WeiPhotocatalytic activity of noble-metal modified octahedral anatase titania under UV and visible-light irradiation
 Eirini D. Koutsouroubi2D/2D Ni-doped MoS2/g-C3N4 Layered Hetero-Nanostructures as Highly Efficient Photocatalysts for Environmental Remediation 
Kunlei Wang
Size-controlled platinum deposited on titania for enhancement of photocatalytic performance
 Lidia FavierTiO2/UV-A mediated advanced oxidation of an emergent water contaminant: toward process enhancement Cosmin RomanitanStructural investigations of photocatalytic ZnO nanostructures
 L. MarchãoPhotocatalysis with immobilized TiO2 – coated glass rings and UV-A LEDs as a final treatment step of winery wastewater treatment Maria CoveiPhotocatalytic Composite Thin Films with Controlled Optical Properties Based on TiO2, WO3 and rGO
 Iuliana CoceanPhoto-degradation of some landfill contaminants on the surrounding waters Alexandru CoceanLaser induced chitin deacetylation- cutting-edge technology for “natural biological waste”
 Cristina BogatuZnO-(r)GO composite thin films for photocatalytic applications   M. A. Mersel Photocatalytic H2 generation from H2S on CdS-ZnS semiconductors
15.45-16.00 coffeee break 15.45-16.00 coffeee break 
16.00-16.25 EFdeN – Ioana Csatlos“Co-creation of future cities – EFdeN Sustainable City  “16.00-16.25Assoc. Prof. Dr. Constantinos Stoumpos“Halide Perovskites: The Emergence of a New Class of High-Performance Semiconductors”
16.25-16.50 ASCENT+ Mr. Nicolas Cordero                “ASCENT+ Access to European Infrastructure for Nanoelectronics”16.25-16.50Prof. Dr. Núria López“Modeling of photo-electrochemistry”
16.50-17.15 Mr. Pierluigi Biasiolo REAIR Sponsor PrezANTIMICROBIAL/ANTIVIRAL APPLICATIONS OF TRANSPARENT PHOTOCATALYTIC COATINGS16.50-17.15 Prof. Georgios Kopidakis “Theoretical investigation of low-dimensional materials for photocatalysis”
Dr. George Volonakis

“Computational materials design of halide double perovskites: Possible novel visible-light photo-catalysts”
17.15-18.00 3 orals 17.40-18.25 3 orals 
 Andreea Chibac-ScutaruVersatility of cellulosic matrix used for immobilization of synthesized CeO2 nanoparticles in tailoring the photocatalytic properties of hybrid composites Kumara Swamy Mukkati Praveena, Ujwal /Confirmed Master Student Gadolinium ortho-ferrite interfaced polyaniline: Bi-functional catalyst for electrochemical detection and photocatalytic degradation of acetaminophen 
Mirela SucheaPhotocatalytic materials for air and water purification – an overview Marta A. Forte Student paperFoam-like PMMA Microcapsules modified by ALD metal-oxide as photocatalytic materials 
 Shankramma Kalikeri
Visible Light active Bismuth ferrite embedded TiO2 nanocomposite structures for mixed dye mineralization by photocatalysis: A strategy to harness solar energy for wastewater remediation
18.00-18-15tea break 18.25-18.40 tea break 
18.15-19.40 Poster session 15 posterssection A18.40-19.30Poster session 11 posterssection C
   19.30-20.45 Posters discussions/networking/ award committees deliberations 
19.40-20.10 Posters discussions/networking    
20.10-20.55 3 orals 20.45-21.30 Award ceremony – closing remarks farwell e-party  
 S.R. YashasUnveiling photocatalytic potentiality of rare-earth metal oxide tethered conductive polymer nanocomposite   
 Lei XuSize controlled Ag decorated TiO2 plasmonic photocatalysts for tetracycline degradation under visible-light    
 A. V. RavindraSuperior Photocatalytic Performance of Ancillary-Oxidant-Free Novel Starch Supported Nano MFe2O4 (M = Zn, Ni, and Fe) Ferrites for Degradation of Organic Dye Pollutants   
Posters List     
section A     
1Alaelddin Michailidis Barakat
Band gap prediction and data analysis of inorganic perovskites using machine learning
2Giannis GkikasCrystal Growth and Optical Properties of CH3NH3PbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) of Halide Perovskite Single-Crystals   
3Daniela PricopChemical processes induced by light on the AuNP-citrate surface   
4E. DarivianakiFabrication of CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite solar cells using the two-step deposition method   
5Ayesha SiddiqueCurrent Challenges and Recent Development in Green Synthesis Based Nanomaterials for Energy Applications   
6Despoina ΜanidakiSynthesis and Characterization of Pb-free 2D Halide Perovskite Semiconductors   
7Nagbasavanna SharanappaEffect of Al2O3 nano composite on pure polyaniline (PANI-Al2O3) for tuning dielectric properties   
8Ramdas BalanMagnetically separable p–n heterojunction photocatalyst SnO2-CuFe2O4 for visible light driven degradation of azo dye methylene blue   
9Vandana YadavEnhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Dichlorvos using TiO2 doped catalysts   
10Narcisa VrinceanuPreparation and antibacterial performance of xanthan gum-based composite hydrogel containing green synthesized silver nanoparticles and essential oils   
11Aurel DiaconCore-shell particles with thermo-responsive wetting characteristics obtained by photo-mediated suspension polymerization    
12Grecu IonelaEvans blue photodegradation by novel samarium doped zinc aluminium spinel ferrites    
13Iuliana CoceanLight interaction, pollution and SARS-Cov2: protection Mask biocompatibility-overview   
14Tetiana S. HubetskaDevelopment of carbon adsorbents from industrial pyrolyzed biowaste by-products under varying conditions of ZnCl2 and H2O2/HNO3 activation   
15Loubna NOURI Synthesis and characterization of a nanophotocomposite beads based on sodium alginate and zinc oxide for wastewater treatment   
16Tingting QueNovel SmMnOx catalyst prepared by coprecipitation coupled solvothermal for low temperature NH3-SCR and SO2 resistance   
section B     
1Narcisa VrinceanuSolar light driven oxidation of an organic dye with ZnO fabricated through  a co-precipitation methodology 
2Cristina PostolachiCdSe Quantum Dots insertion effect on the alpha-keratin PLD-thin films    
3A. DouloumisFirst-principles calculations for Mn-doped ZnO   
4Iuliana CoceanHigh pulsed-laser effect on the hemp composite – advanced materials   
5Fatimah IsUV-Visible sensitized Clay-Supported ZnO/Clay Photocatalyst for Dye Degradation   
6Silviu Gurlui Huge ice lump fell from the atmosphere: effect of complex cumulative pollution phenomenon   
7Carmen GherasimStructural properties of copper oxide nanoparticles and their applications as photocatalysts in organic pollutants degradation   
9Alexandru Cocean Quantum Dots Pulsed Laser Deposition – a new simulation technique   
10George Kenanankis3D printed nanocomposites for energy and environmental applications   
section C     
2Iuliana CoceanWashing municipal streets – the origin of some photo-contaminants pollution   
3Kevin V. AlexEffect of Sputtering Voltage on the Photocatalytic Activity of Sputtered Silver Nanoparticle Thin Films   
4Salmon Landi Jr. Iran Rocha SegundoConsiderations about the determination of the band gap from diffuse reflectance spectroscopy    
5Eleni C. MacropulosWhite-light emitting layered hybrid lead halide perovskites   
6E. ManidakisFormamidinium- Methylammonium Lead Iodide for Optoelectronic Applications   
7Muhammad SaeedCo3O4-Bi2O3 heterojunction; An effective photocatalyst for photodegradation of rhodamine B dye   
8E. PervolarakisData-informed simulations for gold nanoparticles for energy applications   
10Vasile PelinPhotochemical effects on heritage asset because environmental stress   
11Alexandru CoceanAMC-COMSOL: the new finite element technique to increase solar cell conversion